PT. PAPAMITSOS CORPINDO LAUTJAYA, is a Crewing Agency Company Known before as PT. PAPAMITSOS CORP. Since there is changed in our management level. We built new company, PT. PAPAMITSOS CORPINDO LAUTJAYA in 28-Feb-2009 with new future, new system and new hope with our President Director Mr. Benny Kurniadjaja.

PT. Papamitsos Corpindo Lautjaya has served for our main Principal, Transocean Maritime Agencies S.A.M Monaco since 1983 to their Bulk Carrier Vessels.

  • D’ARCICI HOTEL Plaza (Ex C’ONE Hotel), 3rd FLoor-Room 305
  • Jl.Letjen Suprapto No.62,Cempaka Putih
    Jakarta Pusat,INDONESIA 10520
  • +62 21 42876061 FAX: +62 21 428760072
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